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Medical transcription

Getting your medical records and reports transcribed seems to be a task of minor importance in medical practice.

But high standards of quality and security turn it into a real headache for doctors. Medical documentation of exceptional quality, accurate transcription of your medical records, timely reports, flawless document workflow – a perfectly coordinated team of professional medical transcriptionists, experts, editors and secretaries forms a solid backup group for healthcare professionals making their work run smoothly and harmoniously.

The job of these people is to enable doctors step back from piles of paperwork and focus on their patients and examinations.

What makes AsterOffice clients come to us is the exceptional quality of services we provide. Having started more than 9 years ago as a provider of remote medical secretarial services today AsterOffice delivers also professional medical transcription support to healthcare centers and clinics all over Switzerland. This high level of quality is based on professionalism of our medical transcriptionists, whose rich knowledge base and experience is the basis of AsterOffice 95% customer satisfaction.

It is essential for a medical transcriptionist to have an excellent command of the language and grammar, but also to have excellent understanding of medical terminology, human anatomy comprehension, good knowledge of medical, pharmacological and technical terms and abbreviations. In addition to this AsterOffice medical transcriptionists possess excellent analytical skills that help them convert speech into quality text, correct semantic and logic irregularities and eliminate misconceptions. When the meaning or logic is doubtful AsterOffice transcriptionists insert alert notifications into the text to draw your attention and avoid tricky situations. Our seasoned team is not afraid of medical jargon and names of medical instruments and procedures, laboratory tests and pharmacology terms. Advanced technological facilities and good computer skills enable AsterOffice team carry out your tasks quickly and effectively.

AsterOffice offers numerous opportunities of dictation capture for your medical transcription:

  • Digital voice recorder
  • Toll-free phone call dictation
  • Software for medical records creation on mobile phones, tablets and PC

If you already have your medical records transcribed and need them to be proofread and edited, AsterOffice team members will do it for you in no time. We guarantee 1-24 hour proofreading and editing turnaround time (TAT), depending on your urgency needs.

To learn more about the ways of dictation capture, please contact our on-line consultant!


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